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Dear Customers DFC - Bowling City Will Be Closing The Operation temporary From 1st June 2015. Read More..

At the heart of the Bowling City brand is the classic bowling alley. Our bowling lanes are straight-of-the-art, with ambient lighting, cosmic sound, and the latest equipment from leading bowling equipment manufacturers. Along with amateur play, we can host tournaments, schools, and staff and kids’ parties. With 72 lanes across the UAE, we are the largest private bowling provider in the Middle East.


Come to Bowling City and shine! Our karaoke cabins are hugely popular with a wide assortment of English and Arabic songs to choose from. The cabins are attractive, with comfortable seating and thick walls. You will be able to record yourself and take home a personal CD, friends and family will be able to laugh and sing along with you again and again. At Bowling City, everyone is a star!


You will find all of the popular titles in our gaming zones and network cafes. Link up with friends for multi-player Counter Strike or test your skills on FIFA football. If you are hooked on touch screen, you will find them at Bowling City. Our computers are up-to-date and well-maintained, and you can browse with a coffee or juice at your side.


One of the most popular indoor sport, billiards has proven a great success at Bowling City. Our tables are clean, modern, and well-balanced, and our billiard halls have a stylish and inviting atmosphere where you can relax and play with friends. We often host amateur billiards tournaments; ask our staff for details.
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